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Loans and Credit: A Guide

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How to Do Something About Your Mortgage Payment

Many people will need to take a mortgage in order to finance their first home. This can be a considerable undertaking, of course, and may often represent a sizeable amount of your monthly take-home pay. If you are worried about the scale of your commitment right now or can see no light at the end of your tunnel, what can you do to soften the financial blow?

13 Instead of 12

Most individuals opt to pay their mortgage by direct debit and usually on the first day of each month. They will then pay a certain amount each year, and this will be multiplied by the number of years left on their agreement. Yet, you may be able to employ a simple trick to help you pay more each year and pay down that interest a lot more quickly.

For example, why not opt to pay your mortgage in fortnightly intervals instead? You'll be paying half of your regular amount on a more frequent basis, but there are, in fact, 26 fortnights in a year. If you do a quick calculation, you will see that you will then have paid the equivalent of an extra month each year and may not really notice the difference.

Extra Cash

You may also be eligible to pay more than the stated amount if you have some extra cash laying around. You may be able to cut down on your discretionary expenditure and redirect that cash to your mortgage instead. Every little bit can help, and you may be surprised at how much of a difference this will make over the spread of years.


If it's been some time since you bought your home, then it's worthwhile having a look at the loan to see if you can make any modifications. You may be able to remortgage the property to take advantage of better rates evident in the marketplace. If you do, you could lower your monthly repayment or choose to pay the same amount as you were before and, once again, reduce the overall length of your new agreement.

Equity Release

Alternatively, you can remortgage in order to take some equity out of your property. This may allow you to pay off some of your other debts or take a much-needed holiday so you can forget your money worries for at least a while.

More Information

Talk with a mortgage broker, and you may be surprised at the options available.